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Panic! at the Disco are an American band formed in 2004. Current members include Brendon Urie (lead vocalist, piano, and guitar), Spencer Smith (drums) and Dallon Weekes (bass guitar).

P!ATD was founded by childhood friends; Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson and Brendon Urie. The band formed when all four members were still in high school. They recorded their first studio album in 2005 (“A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”) which included the No. 5 hit “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”. In 2006, Brent Wilson was fired from the band during an extensive world tour, he was replaced by Jon Walker.

In 2007, P!ATD released the hit single “Nine in the Afternoon”. The band released their seconds studio album in 2008 (“Pretty. Odd”) which marked the departure of the two band members; Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, leaving Brendon and Spencer as the two sole remaining members.

Spencer and Brendon continued as a duo and released the single “New Perspective”. The recruited Dall Weekes and Ian Crawford to accompany them on tour as replacement instrumentals. The band released their third studio album in 2011 (“Vices & Virtues”) which marked the bands return to their initial sound.

In 2012, P!ATD added the touring bassist Dallon Weekes to it’s line-up and they released their fourth studio album in 2013 (“Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!”).

A look into MockingJay Part 1.

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, first MockingJay set photos from 2013.

Fall Out Boy are releasing a limited edition version of their series of music videos called ‘The Young Blood Chronicles’ on DVD which will be available after they have released their final music video (‘Save Rock and Roll’ ft. Elton John)

In addition to this, the whole series will be shown on the 21st of May on Palladia

Full List of Videos in the Series

  • My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)
  • The Phoenix
  • Young Volcanoes
  • Alone Together
  • The Mighty Fall
  • Just One Yesterday
  • Where Did The Party Go
  • Death Valley
  • Rat a Tat
  • Miss Missing You
  • Save Rock and Roll

All RTS gamers have a spot in there heart for one particular series weather it be the home world series, populous series or the command and conquer series, for me it is the age of empire series, and seeing as one of the old classics from the series has now got a re-release on steam I couldn’t resist buying it, the game I am talking about is none other than Age of Mythology Extended Edition.

For this review I will talk a little about the content carried over from the original release 12 years ago and what they added to the game, I wont be talking about the editor seeing as I would never use it but I will be talking about how easy it is to enable and disable custom content for the game from the workshop.

First though I will talk about the original release of the game back in 2002.

Age of mythology is a RTS game for pc that takes place in three different parts of the world in the main story; Greece, Egypt and Norse, each of the three parts of the world have three different major gods that you can play as each giving you different powers, it plays similar to most of the other age of games but unlike the others you have god powers, in the base game you have 36 powers in the expansion pack you have a further 12 because three new major gods are added. The campaign in both the base game and expansion are relatively long, longer than the campaigns in the other age of games (aside maybe age of empires 3) the pacing of the story however was well kept and it was done well with the game play and story parts mixed in, there is also a short campaign done especially for the demo that you could download from the age of mythology website that I have yet to played but it looks interesting.

They kept the stories in the games in the extended edition but rather annoyingly claimed HD textures yet the player models are still low rendered, I’ll talk more about the textures later, they unfortunately made it so that you don’t have the option to disable the titans expansion hopefully they will put a patch in shortly if not then someone will probably make something in the workshop for it, speaking of the workshop because its on steam its got workshop content and this means that the old map makers that still game and play AOM are likely to pop up and revive your old favourite maps, this brings us on to the downloading, installing and uninstalling add ons to the game, the download process is the same as it is in other games just find the item you want click subscribe and its already downloading, installing it is as easy as opening the game up, once in the game you can enable and disable any of the add-ons by clicking the steam logo in the main menu, this will also show what files are changed with the add-on, to uninstall you simply unsubscribe from the item in the workshop and its done.

The other visual changes made are time of day, improved water, shadows bump/specular maps, global lighting and antialiiasing and ambient occlusions. I have played with most of these features, set up a skirmish with 10 Min day cycle and cheated some god powers to see the lighting effects and it does look really nice, you can tell that its improved when stuff like meteor or thunder happen, although there is a tiny visual bug and that is when you are close to the top or left of the map, right on the edge the animation just appearers yet in the middle it starts from the top.

The last main feature that I have actually used is the twitch integration, this could do with a little bit of work, for example have key-binds to start stop streaming and also having an indicator to know if you are live or not other than that there isn’t anything wrong with the game, if you have a windows 7 or windows 8 computer and are an rts fan I recommend getting this game. I give it an 8/10, needs a few bugs ironed out but they aren’t game breakers   

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